FoodShare has welcomed its first shoppers

The FoodShare Shop opened today and has welcomed its first five shoppers.

Linda was first in the door and was so grateful for the wide range of choice and fresh produce. “It’s so hard to ask for help and you have made it so easy’” she said.

Sonya and Kyra heard about the FoodShare Shop from their community centre and said it was so good to be able to select their own grocery items. Sonya is the grandmother of Kyra’s two young children and said “I can eat anything but it’s hard for the kids so being able to pick what we want is just wonderful”.

Nicole is FoodShare’s Community Pantry Coordinator and has been developing the hamper program over the past 12 months. “Just because someone is having a hard time doesn’t mean they don’t get access to choice” she said in response to Steve’s positive feedback about the new service.

The FoodShare Shop offers a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, pantry staple items, pre-prepared meals, fresh and frozen meat, a selection of dairy items, personal hygiene and household cleaning products as well as pet food is available as part of the selection.

This new service is accessible to local residents experiencing financial hardship who have a FoodShare voucher from their support agency or community centre, as it’s important that those who visit the FoodShare Shop have access to all the support they need.

The FoodShare Shop is open between 9.30am and 2.00pm on weekdays and is located at 81 Wigg Street in Wodonga.