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Become A Sponsor

AWRFS is seeking sponsors interested in finding mutual benefits in partnering with us. We are keen to find sponsors who share our community values and are keen to work together for the benefit of our community. View the Corporate Sponsor Package.

A Sponsorship With Us Is A WIN : WIN.

Your investment in a strategic alliance with us is not just about corporate social responsibility, it’s about smart business.

Check out some of these research results about the benefits of teaming up with a charity such as AWRFS:

Gain a competitive edge for staff recruitment and retention

  • 82% of people would prefer to work for a company that supported good causes.
  • “Companies wanting to attract and retain good staff in an ageing, shrinking workforce can gain a competitive edge by supporting community or charitable causes that give their staff opportunities for involvement.”

Ref: Cavill, H. (2007) ‘The Passion People’

Gain a competitive edge for customer choice and loyalty

  • “if I saw a company or brand supporting a charity, I would be more included to buy this product compared to a similar one of price and quality” 65% agreed.
  • “In the last year I have switched from my usual product to another product because of its support of a cause or charity” 23% agreed.
  • “Even if a company supports a charity as a way of increasing sales I still support them because the charity is being helped” 53% agreed.

Ref: Cavill, H., Sweeny Research (2008) ‘Real Not Spiel Research Highlights’

Build community trust and respect in your brand

  • Joining with us is a public demonstration of your commitment to social justice locally
  • “I am more likely to believe a company’s support for a charity is genuine if I hear about it from the charity” 71% agreed.

Ref: Cavill, H., (2007) ‘The Passion People’

Gain a valuable marketing opportunity to develop a unique selling proposition

Becoming one of our sponsor’s means we will work together to design a sponsorship package that works for you.  One that ensures the things that are the most important to you are included and the benefits can be measured.

At a minimum, we will ensure our many service partners, other corporate sponsors, our staff, over 100 volunteers, customers and growing number of members will all know your company name, your company logo, your company’s values, products and services.  They will think of you when they make purchasing decisions.

So gain exposure and awareness, strengthen employee loyalty and build a trusted brand with us.

We can help you shape the image of your company as one that not only cares about the local community but is prepared to act for change.

Become A Sponsor FoodShare

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