Our Vision, Mission & Values FoodShare

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

“Everyone in our region has access to sufficient healthy and culturally appropriate food for good health – no one goes hungry.”

Our Mission

“To work together to maximise the volume and nutritional quality of food for local people in need”

Our Values

Social Justice – we believe all people have the right to adequate amounts of nutritious, culturally appropriate food without the need for emergency relief.

Empowerment – we build on people’s strengths and enable them to speak and act for themselves and create their own ways out of poverty.

Efficiency – we work efficiently, making the most of our time, money, food, and resources and reduce waste with creative solutions.

Sustainability – we minimise the carbon footprint of food production, transport, manufacturing, storage and distribution.

Collaboration – we seek and achieve a successful strategic partnership to maximise our common goals.

Innovation – we think and work strategically to innovatively solve problems and strive to address our purpose.

Health – highly nutritious food is a must for everyone – we seek it, we provide it and educate about it.

Diversity – we leverage the strengths offered by diversity and see this as an opportunity for success.

Integrity – we are honest, open and responsible in all our interactions.