Albury Wodonga Regional FoodShare Board

Simon Welsh
Simon Welsh


Simon is a highly experienced research and strategy consultant having worked with organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

He brings expertise in:

  • Research and analysis of complex market, organisational and policy environments
  • Strategy development
  • Stakeholder and government relations
  • Organisational change

For 13 years, he played a key leadership role with Melbourne-based consultancy, Andrews Group, providing strategy, marketing and organisational change services to clients across Australia.  Simon worked closely with senior executive teams and Boards problem analysis, strategy development, marketing and communication, and change management.

Simon left Andrews Group in 2013 to move to Wodonga.  He established Chorus Consulting and operates predominantly in the fields of market and social research, and government relations.

Michael Curtin
Michael Curtin

Deputy Chair

Michael Curtin is currently the Head of School of Community Health at Charles Sturt University.  He has work in the university sector in both England and Australia.  He is an occupational therapist by profession and has spent his career working with people who have physical, cognitive and/or emotional impairments in Australia and in a number of oversea countries. 

As an occupational therapist he has an interest in working with people who are marginalised and/or discriminated against.  He has a strong belief in social justice and in providing the support to enable individuals and communities to be involved in making decisions that affect their lives.

Michael Curtin
Kathryn Dalton

Kathryn comes to Foodshare with over 20 years’ experience working on committees in the ‘not for profit’ sector, particularly with local Albury Wodonga sporting clubs and associations. Kathryn has held most executive positions from Secretary and President of the Albury Netball Association, where she is a life member, to the State Council of Netball Victoria and has now taken on the role of Board Secretary for Albury Wodonga Regional Foodshare.

Kathryn has a strong commitment to good governance and social justice. She has recently mentored in the Sport North East - Women in Sport Leadership program (2018-2020) to work with other local women to improve the governance of volunteer organisations in the Albury Wodonga region. She believes that good governance brings great outcomes for any organisation and fairness and equity to the people involved with the organisation, particularly the volunteers and the participants.

Kathryn has a Bachelor of Educational Research (Hons), a Graduate Certificate in Educational Research and Bachelor of Education (K-12 Middle Schooling) and believes in evidence-based practice, in any, and all, endeavours.
Michael Curtin
Kevin Rocks


Kevin has been involved in health and aged care his whole career. This has included being CEO of a Teaching Hospital in Sydney, CEO of three large aged care facilities and a university lecturer in management.

Kevin also has experience as a board member of a peak body for a number of years and has presented at many conferences both in Australia and the United States.

Kevin strongly believes in social justice but translating it into action. 

Jodie Kensington
Jodie Kensington

Jodie brings 29 years’ experience in communications and marketing to the Board. She first became interested in FoodShare in 2014 when she learned it was bi-partisan not-for-profit that acts as an umbrella resource to many agencies, rather than being closely aligned to a few. She is amazed at how far-reaching the service is, and saddened by how great the need. And that need has increased since her time on the Board, not diminished.

Jodie has a BA in Sociology from Charles Sturt University and has worked as a journalist for Prime7 and WIN television in Albury and Wagga Wagga, as a columnist for the Border Mail, and in various roles at the Wangaratta Rural City Council, HotHouse Theatre and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. She spent seven years in UK, working mainly with Haringey Council (London). Jodie’s favourite job though, was that of agent/manager with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Her other favourite job is that of Communications and Development Coordinator with Catholic College Wodonga.

Stephen Carroll
Stephen Carroll

Stephen Carroll was born in Perth; grew up in New Guinea; attended boarding school in Sydney; and worked for various import/export companies for twelve years.

Stephen moved to Northeast Victoria in 1985 (because it's a great place to be) and has lived at Wangaratta, Corryong, Albury, Wodonga, Howlong and he now calls Beechworth home.

Since moving to the Northeast, Stephen has worked in senior management and executive positions in the Victorian public health and human services sector.

Stephen has held key roles in planning and development for services, organisations and communities across Northeast Victoria.

Stephen sees joining Albury Wodonga Regional FoodShare Board as an opportunity to help with the planning and development needed to ensure the on-going sustainability of food security for vulnerable people living in Northeast Victoria.

Outside of work, Stephen likes to spend time with his family and friends, enjoying the many and varied delights Northeast Victoria has to offer.

Michael Curtin
Dianne Glen

Growing up as third generation farmer in the local area, food production and distribution was daily life for Dianne throughout her childhood, including daily farm work to produce food for her family and the community.  She understands the importance of eating healthy food and believes it is a basic human right.  In times of surplus Dianne’s family would share and barter products to survive and help others during times of need. This informs Dianne’s “why” and insight into how a sharing community works, supporting each other.

Living in a smaller community Dianne longed to explore the world and gained her first degree in Canberra. Being adventurous in spirit Dianne travelled on her own in her twenties to various third world countries and saw the impacts of poverty, lack of food and water first hand.  Upon hearing that poverty was an issue in her own community, the opportunity to help Food Share arose Dianne volunteered as food production and minimizing its impact on the land are central to her values.

Dianne is passionate about social justice and the local community, and wanted to use her skills and experience in strategy and change management to improve health outcomes for local vulnerable people. Dianne is now working in the health non for profit sector in Albury.

Dianne has a BA in Psychology and Economics, a Masters in Human Resource Management (Employment Relations), and qualifications in teaching and Neuroleadership combined with over twenty years of experience in various sectors including local government, media, banking, education, small business and health. Dianne brings significant leadership experience in aligning culture to strategy, risk management, change management and legislative compliance.

In her spare time Dianne enjoys all things music, the arts, especially photography, and is often tending to her vegie patch and fruit trees to ensure her next generation understand the importance of good, healthy, fresh food for everyone.

Michael Curtin
Kate Wheller

Kate has worker in the welfare sector for almost 20 years and prior to that in the private sector. She has worked in a variety of roles across a range of programs during that time in direct service provision, coordination and senior management roles.

Prior to joining CISVic in late 2009, Kate coordinated the Emergency Relief, Information, Referral, Advocacy and Support Service at Springvale. During her time at CISVic, Kate has led the organisation through significant change which has seen it develop in scope & size, implementing a range of initiatives to strengthen both CISVic and the broader sector.

She is passionate about generalist, place-based service delivery and the important role volunteers play in building cohesive communities. Kate is committed to social justice and the community information and support sector. Kate is an active volunteer with a number of groups including school council and sits on a number of boards.

Kate has a Diploma Social & Community Welfare, Diploma of Business (Community Business Management Program).